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Earth and Art Juried Exhibit

For my first post, I have decided to blog about my first juried art exhibit experience. It was the eighth Annual Earth and Art Exhibit at the Berkeley Art Works Gallery in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The juror was Daniel Fulco of the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. I knew the moment I read about the call for artists for the Earth and Art Exhibit that I wanted to enter. After all, I am a big fan of our Mother Earth and all her natural beauty. I had a little over a month to create a work of art especially for the exhibit and so I had decided on trees. I chose trees because they are veins of our existence. Through their branches and roots, they bring us life. Tree clean the air we breathe, they nourish us with their fruits, and bring the rains that sustains us.

My piece did not place, nor did it get an honorable mention and I have to admit that it had stung a little. I am happy to say that my piece did sell the day after the exhibit opening.


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