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Trash Art Show (Redefining Recycling)

Trash Art! A little over a year ago I was sitting at the dentist's office waiting to get my teeth cleaned when my phone chimed letting me know that I had received an email. The email was from Joe Heller, it was an invitation to join a group of artists who will be creating art for a show in September of 2019. The theme of the show that Joe, would be curating was themed, Trash Art (Redefining Recycling). I was honored to accept and thrilled for the opportunity to step away from my usual painting on wood and try something different.

I am very excited about this show because this will be my first invitational show. The "Trash Art" show will be held at the Ice House Gallery in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. It will open September 13th- Nov.3rd, with a reception to celebrate the opening is on September 14th at 7:30 pm. All are welcome to join us at the reception.

Below are pictures of some of the pieces that I will have in the show. I know when one thinks of "trash", they think of the man-made waste. Waste, in my opinion, is whatever one throws away or burns needlessly.

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