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  Creating art has been my crutch. It has been the constant companion that has stayed true to me. My art has always been a friend when there was none, and my solace for an emotional release. The work I have created marks my inner balance and my need for stimulation.


    Jessica LeMere is a self-taught artist. living in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  She paints on wood, using a layering process of watercolors, and colored pencils. This layering process allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through her pieces.

Jessica was previously a member of the Ice House Artists' Cooperative and a member of the Berkeley Art Works Artists' Cooperative. Her work has been featured in the 8th and 10th annual Art & Earth Exhibition at the Berkeley Art Works Gallery. She had several works featured in the Trash Art Exhibition at Ice House Gallery.





Thank you for visiting. Every piece includes a custom handcrafted wood frame. Please get in touch to find out more.

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia


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I need the openness of the forest. I need to feel the ground under my feet. To hear the sound of only what belongs.

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